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The name Bhutia and Bhotiya also spelt as Bhotia is derived from Tibetan word ‘Bodpa’, ‘Bod’ meaning ‘Tibet’ and suffix ‘pa’ meaning ‘inhabitants’. The English word ‘Tibet’ appears to be derived from the Mongolian word ‘Thubot’, which is the Mongolian name for the northern portion of the Tibetan plateau. The Sanskrit form of the word ‘Bod’ was ‘Bhot’ and the Sanskrit speaking races of India have accordingly called the inhabitants of this region as “BHUTIA/ BHOTIYA”. The name “BHUTIA/BHOTIYA” is thus derived from Bhot or Bod, and is a generic term used for several groups of people of Tibetan origin inhabiting the ranges south of the Himalayas extending from Jammu & Kashmir in the North-west and extending all the way across to Arunachal Pradesh in the North-east. The different tribes of Tibetan origin who inhabit Sikkim and Darjeeling Hills of West Bengal is known under the generic name “Bhutia”, while those inhabiting Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are spelt as Bhotiya or Bhotia.
The Bhutias of Darjeeling Hills of West Bengal are varied groups of ethno linguistically Tibetan people whose ancestors migrated at different period of time,
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